There are several phases in the Adoption Process. Please read each paragraph carefully before calling THREE RIVERS RESCUE for an appointment.

  1. Read our TERMS OF ADOPTION.
  2. When you are ready, please call 425.888.9322.



Please read this agreement carefully, print it out, sign it and bring it with you to your appointment.
The following agreement specifies what we feel is required to provide a safe and loving home for an animal. Please understand that the details of this contract reflect our concern that both owner and animal have a happy life together. The conditions set forth are based on years of experience and a continuing commitment to see that our rescue animals find safe, happy, permanent homes. We hope that you will understand that considerable emotional involvement, time and energy go into ensuring that our rescue animals have the best possible second chance at life.
If I am successful in the adoption of an animal through THREE RIVERS RESCUE, I herein promise and agree to the following conditions:

  1. To keep this animal in my personal possession, provide proper and sufficient food, water shelter, grooming and humane treatment at all times.
  2. If this animal has not already been spayed or neutered at the time of adoption, I agree to have him/her spayed/neutered at my expense, within thirty (30) days. Proof of spaying or neutering will be provided, in writing, to THREE RIVERS RESCUE within ten (10) days of surgery. I will not allow this animal to breed (or be bred) under any circumstances.
  3. To procure veterinary care at once if the animal becomes sick or injured, and to keep current all vaccinations against rabies, distemper, parvo and corona viruses.
  4. To provide him or her with an ID tag secured to a collar which is to be worn at all times. In addition, THREE RIVERS RESCUE recommends tattooing or micro-chipping, as a means of permanent identification.
  5. To obey any and all animal control regulations governing the area in which I live, and to license this animal according to such regulations, within one (1) month of adoption.
  6. Not to sell, trade, transfer ownership, abandon, or dispose of this animal in any way, but to notify THREE RIVERS RESCUE if I must relinquish custody of the animal. This includes release to any family members.
  7. To allow a THREE RIVERS RESCUE representative to examine the animal and its living conditions and to surrender it to said representative for return to THREE RIVERS RESCUE if the conditions are found unsatisfactory.
  8. To assume full responsibility for this animal’s actions, and for any damage done by this animal.
  9. To keep this animal as my household pet and companion. To insure that when outside and unattended, the animal is in a secure, fenced yard or kennel run with adequate shelter from the elements. To exercise him or her within a fenced yard or kennel run or by walking this animal on a leash, and to never allow him or her to run loose without adequate adult supervision. To never chain or tie this animal without being in attendance.
  10. In accordance with Washington State Law, I agree never to allow him/her to be transported in the open bed of a pickup truck (or similar vehicle).