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My name is Kim Howard and I have the Three Rivers Rescue Home in Snoqualmie. Last year our community came out in support of our effort to help homeless animals in City Council meetings, Planning Commission meetings, and King County Animal Control meetings, plus the Snoqualmie City Council even came to my home for a visit! It was a little like being in a movie such as "It's a Wonderful Life" or "Norma Rae".

The outcome of this was a remarkable outpouring of compassion and love from the people who care about, and for, animal welfare in our chosen spot on the planet in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Although I can't thank everyone who is a part of this effort by name, I can by your deeds. So thanks to every child who has had dog toys brought to their birthday party rather than presents for themselves, and anyone leaving bags of cat or dog food, stacks of towels, blankets, crates, baby gates, or dog beds on our porch.

Thanks to every volunteer who gives their time, love and attention to a terrified kitten or street-weary dog; and every foster home, kitten finder, event planner and adopter. You are Three Rivers Rescue and I can't thank you enough.

* * * 

Kim Howard writes the People & Pets column for Valley Living each month. Reprints are available by following the links below, more will be added, time permitting:

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